The Abattoir department has the objective to slaughter chickens to provide the best quality products to all social strata in the South African region. We aspire to export to other countries of Africa in general. But for this, we need a lot of investment in the production chain, specifically in the area of product quality.

We relate well to other departments; we do not have many problems communicating with them. This is seen with new plans we are implementing together and how we leave everything open and clear through objectives and weekly requests.

Good! To summarize, we are experiencing strong relationships with all the departments connected to the abattoir.

New Horizons Shop

Av. Eduardo Mondlane 1614
Depois de paredio Lopes

CP 157, Nampula

New Horizons Farm

New Horizons
Rapale, Nampula

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For New Horizons Shop and Farm

Novos Horizontes
Parcela 223 - Rapale
Cidade de Nampula

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