This is a key department in the production chain, as we represent the start of the ongoing cycle of producing chickens.

Based in Nampula in the zone of Namicopo in Rapale, our climate is characteristically tropical, but also dominated by strong winds around the beginning and end of the year e cold during the most part of the year (expect in Summer – September to December). This is because we are situated in an ‘open canal’ inside local mountains.

The department has 80 works  all Mozambican nationals originating mostly from the north of the country. We grow an average of 120000 bird, male and female, with roughly 40,000 in rearing and the remaing 70,000 or so in production in production.

In the normal course of things actual production is on average 300,000 eggs per week. At this time we use the Ross 308 breed in one farm, flown in from Zambia and in the other farm the Cobb 500 breed that come from Zimbabwe.

The majority of our workers are locals due to motives of creating opportunities and out of a strong spirit of social responsibility, the company prefers to be integrated with local people. Made up of 22 Breeder houses we have one primary leader and 2 supervisors (on for birds in production and the other for birds in rearing) with each supervisor with his houses. Each house has a leader, colloquially known as the Boss of the House who is responsible for the care of the birds in his house from the first days through production until the birds are locally sold, but with an assistant to support them. 

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