We are a department of New Horizons LDA with about 41 workers working in 5 areas: receiving ingredients, pre-mix room, feed production, quality and dispatch.

We have a capacity to produce about 28,000 bags of feed per month in two shifts. About 70% of our produce is supplied to Breeders and Outgrowers. The other 30% is supplies to sales team and some large clients such as E4A, MFE and small scale growers.

The raw material is made up of two types, we have micro ingredients that are vitamins and minerals imported from South Africa and Brazil and we have macro ingredients that compromise the majority of the feed. These are normally acquired locally, in the case of maize and soya beans and through importation for soya 47%from Malawi and Zambia. Some remaining ingredients are acquired locally.

The Feedmill is a department focused on production of animal feed, producing about 32 types of races for various animal species. We produce primarily for birds but also pigs, cattle, horses, crocodiles and others when requested.


a) In 2010, the acquisition of the soybean extruder this machine is important for processing soybeans into full fat soya for birds.

b) In 2011 the Feedmill, by means of efforts on the part of the leadership of the New Horizons concerned with improving with food diet of the animals acquired an 80Kg mixer of pre-mix. These small batches are extremely important for good function in animals.

c) 2015 acquisition of a mixer with the capacity of 2000 kg of ration for 20 minutes of production.

Being a production department where we have workers with a positive social potential, the department has been developing activities with a view to unlocking the potential of workers, creating moments of collective leisure. Examples include our 2012 trip to Nacala district harbour and our 2016 trip to the Ilha de Moçambique.

These culminated with the following results.

  • Motivation of staff,
  • Increased production,
  • Improved relationships, amongst others.

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