We are the chicken production department that uses an integrated program to grow chickens. The business, on the basis of a contract with families around the area of Rapale, supplies a determined quantity of chicks and the respective feed to grow them, on credit. When the birds reach sufficient weight for slaughter, they are collected and returned to the business, checked and weighed to calculate their value, and from the weight, deduce the profit for the grower. We have already had as many as 250 growers, but this number has dropped due to poor results that some had which led to the business having to rescind some contracts and reduce the number of partners in the programme to about 130, with the possibility of dropping still.

The department operates with about 20 workers: a manager, an admin support, 6 technical guys, 3 drivers, and 8 helpers. The drivers and helpers operate on a day and night shift pattern with administrative, technical responsibilities and distribution of feed and chicks. The technical team are the points of contact with the production sector and the growers: they pass through the bird houses daily to help evaluate the performance of the birds, to register the consumption of feed, mortalities, and the weight every 7 days, supplying the information that we need to plan our slaughter program. The technical are also responsible for planning and ensuring the chick placements go smoothly.

We directly relate to 3 other deparments in production, the hatchery, the feedmill and the abattoir. We have in the hatchery not just the start of life for chicks, but the start of our production process as outgrowers. The Hatchery supplies us with the chicks which, according to the allocation that has been made, are taken by car to the respective families who become responsible for growing them to the size that is necessary. For their part, the feedmill provides us with the feed that we deliver to the growers in the quantities of bags corresponding to the quantity of chicks we have housed. The slaughterhouse is the final destination of the birds as live animals, where our production cycle comes to an end. When the birds housed arrive at their time, with an average of 35 days and weight of 1.35Kg, our drivers and helpers gather the birds back to the farm. This process requires the producer to come to the aforementioned count and final calculations.

In brief, we are the bridge that connects the company to the community and vice versa.

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